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"The first woundvac that I had used a black foam pack in the wound. They always gave me a shot of Morphine before changing the dressing. There was still some pain. Each time they changed my dressing they pulled off a layer of tissue, which seemed to me to increase my healing time.

When I was moved to a new hospital, it allowed my doctor to start using the Prospera pump that used gauze. The first time they went to change my dressing, I said "wait a minute I haven't had my morphine shot yet." My doctor and Cindy said I would not need it. I said..."we'll see". Well, they were right. One time I was asleep when they came in to change my dressing and my wife told them to go ahead and change it, "he won't wake up." She was right! I slept right through the dressing change. Having no pain was great but the really great thing was my wound was healing at a very fast rate. Changing the dressing is very easy. My wife and I learned how to change the dressing just by watching.

I hope my experience can help others. If you need additional information, or have any questions, please let me know."

D.C., Patient
Euless, TX


"Just wanted to say thank you for coming yesterday and helping with Ms. M. I'm very pleased to say that this morning I found her to be dry and with a smile on her face (the first one that I have seen). It is like a miracle! It was so nice to find her not to be in a puddle. I'm so excited about the possibility of using this new product (toy). Thanks again!"

Emory Healthcare



"The Prospera pump and drains were very comfortable and pain free. I was able to sleep through the night and I did not have to worry about multiple dressing changes."

The patient had a stage 4 tunneling pressure ulcer. It was on the coccyx. The patient was put on negative pressure wound therapy in March 2007 and the wound healed in June 2007. A 15 fr channel drain was utilized.

Patient in Minnesota in a long term facility.
Minnetonka, MN



"The PROSPERA PRO-I™ is awesome. I am impressed how well the wound is healing and the patient and family are happy. It has ensured patient compliance. You are set up to succeed."

Home Care Nurse
Twin Cities, MN



"Prospera has been a great option for our pediatric patients when we have wounds with tunnels present. It is easy to place the catheter and I don't worry about loosing foam in the tunnel. When I have a wound that is not easy to get a good seal, Prospera has been easier to get a seal and I know that there is an antimicrobial dressing in place so if the seal is broken, there will not be damage to the wound bed. I have also found Prospera helpful with infants where the trak pad just seems to large and bulky to apply to their wound."

Carol H. CWOCN
Children's Mercy Hospital
Kansas City, Missouri








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