Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)

Historical Milestones

Willy Meyer, M.D. and Prof. Dr. Victor Schmieden publish in the US for the first time, a brief and comprehensive manual of hyperemic treatment, "Bier's Hyperemic Treatment" based on concepts first described by Professor August Bier of Germany in the early 1890s.

In an enlarged 1909 second edition, published nearly 100 years ago, the authors include the following:

"For some years Bier has been employing suction apparatus (also called vacuum apparatus, suction cups, cupping glasses) for the induction of artificial hyperemia."

"By applying suction hyperemia it will be seen that the skin plus underlying tissues are sucked into the hollow of the glass. This causes a rush of blood into the respective area, but the hyperemia does not involve the surface only; it also reaches into the deeper layers."

"In making use of these vacuum apparatus we not only rely on the artificial hyperemia they produce, but also, and by no means least, on their mechanical effect."

"If we place such a glass over a diseased area which presents a sinus in its middle, the pus and with it bacteria are aspirated from the depth, slowly and painlessly; often necrotic tissue, or even sequestra of small size, are brought to the surface. This suction effect is particularly valuable, for the granulations lining the fistulous tract or the abscess cavity are in this manner also brought under hyperemia, and the current of secretion, thus directed outwardly, bathes and cleanses them gently but thoroughly."

"The suction glasses are applied six times five minutes per day with intervals of three minutes between the applications in order to give the edema and hyperemic swelling an opportunity to disappear...The five to three minutes rule, which experience has shown to be followed by good results, has been given merely as a guide."

Illustration: Meyer, W. Schmieden, V. Biers Hyperemic Treatment. Philadelphia and London: WB Saunders Company; 1908:50.







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